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About Us

Real estate has always been our passion. The feeling we get after helping someone find their dream home is priceless. After buying and selling hundreds of homes, that feeling of excitement never dulls.

Something that has always driven us as a husband and wife realtor team is the customer experience. We understand that buying a home is a huge decision‚ both financially and emotionally. After all, a home must feel like home. The size, the rooms, the light, the community, the schools, and the amenities all play a part in crafting that nostalgic feeling of home. That feeling is the essence of what we strive to help you capture.

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Shirley Guercio

My life in one sentence: Grew up in New Orleans, met a New York Italian and fell in love, he moved me to the north, I moved us back to the south, and enjoyed the tropical weather ever since.

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Favorite food: Gumbo, Po Boys, red beans and rice, and anything chocolate.

Favorite hobby: Festivals at Disney with family and friends

Best purchase under $150 in the last year: Alexa. I check the weather everyday and she reminds me why I live in Florida and not Chicago.

Favorite 90's jam: You're still the one (Shania Twain)

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Tom Guercio

My life in one sentence: Grew up in Buffalo, met a southern belle in New Orleans, moved her to the north, big mistake, she rebelled, we moved to the wonderful beaches of Florida, and now we are loving life.

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Favorite food: Muffulettas, steak, wine, beignets, and Tabasco on anything.

Favorite hobby: Feet + Sand + Family.

Best purchase under $150 in the last year: Osmo mobile smartphone stabilizer. I feel like a professional videographer (far from it). 

Favorite 90's jam: Hotel California (Eagles).