Clermont is an amazing town just 30 minutes west of Orlando. Filled with parks, spectacular lakes, serene wildlife experiences, a state park, and tons of shopping and restaurants–what’s not to like?

We believe that Clermont is the perfect place to raise a family because it’s incredibly safe, has wonderful schools, terrific outdoor options, a great sense of community engagement, and it’s one of the fastest growing suburbs in the Orlando area.

A brief overview of Clermont, FL

Clermont is an awesome suburban community of Orlando. It’s perfect for singles, families, and retirees alike.

Where is Clermont, FL

Clermont is situated roughly 30 minutes west of downtown Orlando. It’s a prime location when you want to be close to all the Orlando attractions but also far enough away to eliminate the hustle and bustle of vacationers.

In fact, since we’ve moved to Clermont, we rarely encounter tourists, especially in the northern half of Clermont. Woohoo!

South Clermont does tend to have more tourist traffic, mainly because of its proximity to Disney World, Universal Theme Park, and Margaritaville’s mega-complex.

Think of south Clermont as anything below Lake Louisa State Park and anything north of U.S. Route 192.

Clermont is an outdoor paradise

Clermont is known for its beautiful outdoor attractions, including the Lake Louisa State Park, the Clermont Chain of Lakes, and the West Orange Trail, which are popular among tourists and locals alike.

What types of outdoor activities are there in Clermont?

Explore Lake Louisa State Park:

Lake Louisa State Park is a beautiful park with over 4,500 acres of rolling hills, lakes, and forests.

Families can enjoy hiking, fishing, kayaking, and even horseback riding. Don’t forget about the amazing “glamping” campsites available for those who want to spend the night.

Learn to surf at Jet Surf Orlando in Clermont:

Jet Surf Orlando is a water sports company in Clermont, FL that offers jet surfing lessons and rentals. Jet surfing is a unique and exciting way to experience the water, and Jet Surf Orlando provides a safe and fun environment for people of all skill levels to try it out.

We loved going to Jet Surf and the staff was amazing.

Palatlakaha Park: Palatlakaha Park has over 120 acres of land with walking trails, picnic areas, and a playground. Families can take a leisurely walk while enjoying the natural beauty of the park.

Palatlakaha is great for kids with its enormous double playground area filled with climbing, swinging, and various equipment. It’s also a very popular place for family parties as there are sheltered tables and plenty of space for tents.

Tip: Don’t forget to walk the trail in the back of the park behind the playground. It has the most surreal wooded trail leading to a beautiful lake view.

Play at Waterfront Park: Waterfront Park is located on Lake Minneola and offers a playground, splash pad, and beach area. Families can spend the day playing in the water and enjoying the sun.

We spend so much time here. When our grandkids are in town, all they want to do is splash around here and build sand castles. While we love driving to Gulf beaches, we have a great beach here too for a quick day trip.

Lake Hiawatha Preserve: Lake Hiawatha Preserve is a 220-acre park that offers walking trails, a playground, and picnic areas. Families can enjoy a picnic while taking in the scenic views of the park.

I mean…how beautiful is this place??? It’s dripping in old Florida charm.

Hiawatha Preserve
Hiawatha Preserve

In addition, there is an amazing disc golf course and enormous dog park to take in the scenery. The trees here are magnificent.

Clermont has a great school district

Clermont boasts a high-quality public education system, with schools that consistently rank among the best in the state. The Lake County School District serves the city, with several elementary, middle, and high schools located within its boundaries.

Lake County schools have received numerous awards over the years. In fact, our grandkids have attended these same schools and have had wonderful experiences.

Recent Awards for Lake County Schools:

  1. Florida Healthy School District – From 2018-2020, Lake County Schools was named a Florida Healthy School District for the second year in a row. This award recognizes school districts that prioritize and promote healthy lifestyles for their students and staff. Source: Florida Department of Health
  2. Golden School Award – Lake County Schools received the Golden School Award for the 2020-2021 school year. This award recognizes schools that demonstrate exemplary volunteer programs that involve parents, businesses, and community members in the education process.
  3. School GradesLake County Schools has also received high school grades from the Florida Department of Education. In 2021, the district received an overall grade of B, with individual schools receiving grades ranging from A to F.

Public Schools that Serve Clermont, FL

Elementary Schools:

  • Clermont Elementary School
  • Lost Lake Elementary School
  • Pine Ridge Elementary School
  • Sawgrass Bay Elementary School

Middle Schools:

  • East Ridge Middle School
  • Windy Hill Middle School

High Schools:

  • East Ridge High School
  • Lake Minneola High School

Higher Education in Clermont, FL

In addition, Clermont is home to Lake-Sumter State College, which provides higher education opportunities for students in the area.

Valencia College has also a west campus in Orlando which is a short drive away.

Clermont is a booming Orlando suburb

Clermont is growing like crazy right now.

As of the 2022 census, the population of Clermont was approximately nearly 45,000 people. Three years ago, Clermont was only 37,000 people and in 2010 the population was hovering around 12,000.

As you can see by the graph below from, Clermont’s growth has been astronomical.

As Tom and I always say, population growth tells a story, especially in a family friendly community like Clermont. Families are moving here from inside the state and outside of the state because it’s a wonderful place to call home.

The city covers a total land area of 16.5 square miles, of which 1.3 square miles is water.

Okay, why are we talking about square miles for a family community? Well, Clermont is really big compared to other Orlando suburbs which means it has a huge opportunity for additional growth.

Take a look at other comparable Orlando suburban

  • Windermere, FL: 1.6 square miles
  • Winter Park, FL: 8.7 square miles
  • Lake Mary, FL: 9.7 square miles
  • Davenport, FL: 5.5 square miles
  • Minneola, FL: 10.8 square miles
  • Oviedo, FL: 15.3 square miles
  • Winter Garden, FL: 15.6 square miles
  • Groveland, FL: 15.9 square miles
  • Clermont, FL: 16.5 square miles
  • Lake Nona, FL: 17.1 square miles

We can see the growth with Clermont’s amazing masterplan, Olympus mega-complex, and the number of builders who are construction world-class neighborhoods here.

Clermont is a Really Safe Community

It’s so important to feel safe in the community you buy a home in and raise your family. We believe Clermont is safe for a number of reasons.

Safe from Crime

We have written extensively about Clermont’s safety efforts. You can read all about it here.

From hiring more officers to investing in the city infrastructure, Clermont is doing everything it can to keep families safe.

Most recently, Clermont has bumped its police presents to over 80 officers which helps to keep neighborhoods patrolled and public areas safer.

When compared to other metropolitans and areas of similar size in the United States, Clermont fares very well. Overall, Clermont has 25% less overall crime, 40% less violent crime, and 22% less property crime. 

Safe from Weather

We have written extensively about why Clermont is a safe location from tropical weather. In short, very few hurricanes have ever come close to Clermont.

There are multiple advantages to living in Clermont when considering hurricane force winds.

First, Clermont is one of the most elevated cities in Florida which gives it specific advantages to mitigate flooding. We discuss more about flooding in Clermont here.

Second, Clermont is almost 78 miles to the nearest drop of ocean water and over 100 miles if you are driving. That’s a long land distance for hurricanes to weaken.

Third, Clermont has historically low percentages of being hit by a hurricane. There has never been a devastating hurricane to hit Clermont which should help you sleep better at night.

Being an Orlando suburb, Clermont benefits from being one of the few large metropolitan cities in the state of Florida NOT on the coast. While we understand why people want to live on the coastline, there are many considerations when buying in a hurricane prone area.

We know all about it being from New Orleans, LA. We documented the last hurricane (Hurricane Ian) to hit the Orlando area.

As you can see from above, Clermont is safe both in public safety and from mother nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we get asked from people moving to Clermont with families.

Is Clermont a better community than Winter Garden?

In short, no. But the two neighboring cities are quite different.

Clermont is best for families looking to maximize their budget, love a very outdoor lifestyle, love rolling hills and lakes, and are excited about being on the ground-floor of a booming town–with more to come.

Winter Garden is a more established suburb that is closer to downtown Orlando and Disney which makes it an ideal area for commuters. In addition, Winter Garden has more robust shopping and larger footprint of locally owned restaurants and niche shops.

Is Clermont good for boating and hiking?

Yes, Clermont is an outdoor paradise. Honestly, it’s one of Florida’s best hidden secrets for the outdoor enthusiasts at heart.

One reason why Clermont is ideal for boating is its proximity to several beautiful lakes, including Lake Minneola, Lake Louisa, and Lake Minnehaha. In total, Clermont is home to 11 pristine lakes for boating that are all interconnected.

Another reason why Clermont is great is the variety of hiking and nature trails available. The South Lake Trail, the West Orange Trail, and the Lake Louisa State Park trails are just a few of the options available. From difficult to easy, there is something for everyone here.

Tom and I love to hike the South Lake Trail around Lake Minneola where it converges with Waterfront Park and downtown Clermont. What a beautiful place!

Clermont’s climate is also a factor that makes it ideal for boating and hiking. The area experiences warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine year-round, allowing visitors to enjoy outdoor activities regardless of the season. Bring you boat and walking shoes because they’ll be in use year-round.