Florida is a hot place to be—figuratively and literally. It’s beautiful, warm weather and driving thousands of people to the sunshine state.

And hey, we get it. We left the blistering cold of the upper Midwest for Florida and never looked back.

You are here because you are wondering how many people are moving to Florida every day? It’s a great question, and we will cover this topic from a few angles.

How many people are moving to Florida every day? (Short Answer)

In 2022, the population of Florida reached an estimated 22,244,823 people, with 444,484 individuals settling in the state through net migration, as reported by the Tampa Bay Economic Development Council.

To estimate how many people move into Florida each day, we can divide the net migration by the number of days in a year.

Approximately 1,218 people move into Florida each day, assuming a constant rate of migration throughout the year.

Florida Migration Maps

This data indicates a significant influx of individuals relocating to Florida, highlighting its attractiveness as a destination for migration and population growth.

We definitely didn’t waste any time moving to Florida. We are one of the many people in these statistics that happily relocated to Florida.

Are more people moving to Florida or leaving?

There are more people moving into Florida than leaving. In fact, Florida is one of the most popular places to move to in the country.

Southern states have experienced a significant boom and Florida is leading the way in popularity.

Specifically, 318,000 people from within the United States moved between mid 2021 and mid 2022 to Florida from other U.S. States. That’s a lot of people.

Another 125,000 people move to Florida from international destinations. In fact, international relocations to Florida make up nearly 30% of the total relocations to the state—instantly creating a diversifying state.

People choosing to pack up and move to Florida isn’t a recent phenomenon either. According to the Population Reference Bureua, Florida has been a popular place to migrate for years.

PRB Migration Statistics for Florida

From 2010 to 2019, Florida had a net migration of 2,364,193.

Although this might not seem significant, it is important to note that during this timeframe, Florida alone accounted for almost 30% of the entire migration pattern of the United States, which comprised approximately 7 million total migrations from one state to another.

If you are curious when is the best time of the year to move, check our recent blog on the optimal months of the year to plan your move to Florida.

Are people leaving Florida after they move there?

Yes, many people are leaving the state of Florida after they move there.

In fact, Insider.com recently published an investigative piece on the net migration out of Florida. The article sites reasons for leaving as follows:

  • The cost of housing in Florida is relatively high, making it difficult for some residents to afford or find affordable housing options.
  • Insurance in Florida is expensive because of natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding.
  • Florida has extreme weather with hurricanes, intense heat and humidity, which can be difficult for some who prefer milder climates.
  • The state has become more crowded due to its popularity as a tourist destination and its growing population. This has caused more traffic on roads and crowded public spaces, which can make life less enjoyable for some residents.
  • People found better job opportunities or moved to places with industries that match their career goals.
  • The quality of education has caused some families to decide to leave Florida due to concerns about the quality of access to educational resources and opportunities.
  • Rising sea levels, coastal erosion, and climate change can lead individuals to worry about the environment and consider moving to more stable areas.
Business Insider- People Are Leaving Florida
Business Insider- People Are Leaving Florida

Take for example the migration between Georgia and Florida. According to the U.S. Cencus Bureau, more Floridians are moving to Georgia than people from Georgia are moving to Florida.

In fact, nearly 49,000 people moved away from Florida to the peach state. Now before you panic, realize that nearly 90,000 people move from New York to Florida—so Florida isn’t hurting for migrations.

State to State Flows.

With that being said, many more people are moving to Florida than leaving. That should tell you something about Florida—it’s an amazing place to live.

In fact, check our video below of our journey from the cold north to Florida.

Does Florida Need People to Move There? (Migration)

Yes, Florida needs migration to continue to provide for its residents. Sorry native Floridians, but it’s critical that Florida continues to experience migrational growth.

Key Points on Why Florida Needs Migrations
Declining population leads to decreased consumer demand
Shrinking population results in a reduced labor force
Shortage of skilled workers and gaps in various industries
Businesses struggle to find qualified employees
Decreased tax revenues hinder public investments
Real estate market impacted with decreased property values
Limited diversity and skills within the workforce
Strain on social services and healthcare resources
Migration helps sustain economic vitality

Although this opinion may not be widely accepted, it is worth noting that Florida experiences an annual death rate of 260,000, compared to an annual birth rate of 220,000, suggesting a concerning trend.

If Florida did not have migration from other states and countries, the population health would collapse.

When a population shrinks, it can have significant implications for the economy of a region or state like Florida.

Firstly, a declining population often leads to a decrease in consumer demand, as there are fewer people to purchase goods and services. This can negatively impact businesses, particularly those reliant on local customers.

A shrinking population can lead to fewer workers, which can cause a shortage of skilled workers in different industries. As a result, businesses may struggle to find qualified employees and may face challenges in sustaining growth and innovation.

A decrease in population can cause less tax money, as fewer people pay taxes. This can make it harder to invest in public projects and develop infrastructure. It may also impact the real estate market, causing a decrease in property values and potentially leading to a surplus of housing.

Furthermore, a shrinking population can result in a reduced talent pool, limiting the diversity and skills available within the workforce.

A decreasing population can affect social services and healthcare, which may face challenges due to fewer people and different demographics. A decreasing population can create economic challenges. Therefore, migration is important for Florida’s economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are so many people moving to Florida?

Florida is an amazing place to live, and many people are heading to the land of oranges and Disney for a good reason.

In fact, we’ve recently written about why the elderly are relocating in large numbers, why people are moving to Florida for the cost of living, and even why Florida is amazing for our U.S. veterans.

The magnificent weather in Florida is one of the main attractions that lure people away from their home state. Florida’s year-round warm climate and tropical paradise offer its residents an unrivaled gift.

With average temperatures ranging between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, every day feels like a delightful invitation to savor life’s pleasures.

But Florida’s allure extends far beyond its weather.

The state welcomes residents with open arms, providing a tax-friendly haven. Say goodbye to state income taxes and revel in the freedom of keeping more of your hard-earned money.

Retirees find generous benefits, including tax-free Social Security retirement benefits and the joy of passing down generational wealth without estate or inheritance taxes.

Florida’s vibrant retiree community adds another layer of happiness, fostering connections and friendships that light up lives. The state has many opportunities for seniors to socialize with similar individuals who also enjoy life.

Is Florida the most popular state to move to?

As of today, yes. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Florida is the number one most moved-to state in the country.

Top 5 Most Migrated States in the U.S. (2022)

Florida318k migrations
Texas230k migrations
North Carolina100k migrations
South Carolina84k migrations
Tennessee81k migrations
Top 5 Most Migrated States in the U.S. (2022)

Florida and Texas emerge as the top choices for individuals seeking to migrate within the United States, according to the table above from NAR.

With an impressive 318,000 migrations, Florida captures the attention of many individuals looking for a change in their lives. Its warm climate, tax-friendly environment, and vibrant retiree communities make it an attractive destination.

With a myriad of work possibilities, thriving economy, and reasonable cost of living, Texas becomes an attractive destination for many, recording around 230,000 migrations.

The states of North and South Carolina, as well as Tennessee, experience a considerable amount of migration, reaching 100,000, 84,000, and 81,000 respectively.