Man gesturing pleadingly with text overlay promoting the idea of convincing someone to move to florida.

Okay, we get it, living in Florida with people we love is an amazing life.

And if you are reading this blog, you either already live in Florida or you want to move to Florida AND there is someone in your life who needs a nudge to come to Florida.

Are we close???

If that’s you, this is just the blog for you.

We’ve lived in Florida for years, have helped dozens of people make the move, and have sold tens of million in real estate—we know what it takes to move to Florida from a personal and professional standpoint.

Let’s dig into all the important stuff and find some solid reasons for your loved one to soak up that sunshine. Or, they could just check out this blog and make up their own mind. No pressure!

Reason 1: The Sunshine and Warmth

If you are trying to convince someone to move to Florida from an already sunny and warm state, skip to Reason 2, but if they are coming from a winter climate—keep reading.

First things first, Florida is the 10th sunniest state in America according to research from using the data set from the CDC.

Horizontal bar chart showing the number of a certain data point for various u.s. states, with new mexico having the highest value at 5,745.
Horizontal bar chart showing the number of a certain data point for various u.s. states, with new mexico having the highest value at 5,745.

Sure, there are some ranked states above Florida for total sunshine, but every state ranked above Florida gets a winter.

StateSunshine Hours (Ranking)Average February Temperature (°F)
New Mexico564244
US States Sunshine VS Winter Temperature

So yah, the sun might be out, but so might the snowflakes and winter breeze.

The only states that come close to comparison would be California (who can afford those zip codes?) and Arizona (what good is sand without the ocean?).

We love that Florida is among the top 10 sunniest states and in the top 3 for average warmth.

Okey, we covered sunny days, but what about the warmth?

Well, as you can see below from weatherspark data, whether you pick a northern Florida city like Tallahassee or a southern Florida city like Miami, temperatures are generally warm and only vary 20 degrees from summer to winter.

Line graph displaying average high and low temperatures for jacksonville, tallahassee, tampa, and orlando in florida, with a current temperature indicator for miami.
A line graph shows the average high and low temperatures in popular Florida cities like Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa, Miami, and Orlando.

Using the graph above, you can help anyone make the transition to Florida by picking a climate that suits them.

Honestly, most of the state has about the same amount of rain, but the further north you travel, the cooler it will be, and the further south you travel, the hotter it will be.

And if visiting/moving during the peak season is a concern, check out our blog on how to time the perfect visit to Florida for peak season.

Reason 2: They could save some serious cash

Florida is a great state to move to if you are trying to maximize your hard-earned dollar.

The sunshine state has some serious wallet-friendly perks, and we can vouch from experience. We no longer have to send the state incometax,x which is amazing (more on that later).

We’ve crunched the numbers (so you don’t have to) and here’s the scoop on why your bank account might just do a happy dance in Florida:

  • No State Income Tax: Yes, you read that right. Florida says a big nope to state income tax, meaning what you earn is yours to keep. When we waved goodbye to Chicago’s 4.95% income tax and haven’t looked back since. Imagine keeping an extra 5% (or more) of your income.
  • Low Corporate Tax: Florida aims to retain and incentivize businesses by maintaining low taxes, rather than driving them away with high tax rates. Our corporate tax rate of just 5.5% is a real boon for many companies. Moving our real estate hustle from Illinois to Florida was like breathing in financial fresh air. Florida ranked as the 8th most business-friendly state?
  • Manageable Property Taxes: Let’s chat property taxes because we know it’s a hot topic. Florida isn’t the cheapest, but also not a “high-tax” state either with an average property tax rate of 0.98%, making it a sweet spot. Pair that with more affordable real estate, and you’re looking at considerable savings. Check out our little comparison of Danvers, MA vs. Clermont, FL. It’s a no-brainer.

To put it all in perspective, let’s glance at this table showing just how much Florida favors your finances:

BenefitFlorida’s Offering
State Income Tax0% (Yep, nada!)
Business Tax RateA mere 5.5%
Average Property Tax RateSmiling at 0.98%
Corporate Friendliness RankA high-five with 8th place
4 Financial Reasons to Move to Florida

Living in Florida isn’t just a perpetual vacation; it’s a financially smart move. Though, we often feel like we are on a perpetual vacation.

Whether you’re stretching those retirement funds further, giving your business room to bloom, or just enjoying life without the hefty tax bill, Florida’s got your back.

Reason 3: Employment is BOOMING

Let’s talk jobs in the Sunshine State!

We’ve been in your shoes before.

Sitting in Chicago, wondering if we could make it financially in Florida. After all, we’d assume it’s really competitive.

Well, we are here to tell you, we are thriving like never before.

The job landscape here isn’t confined to tourism or services; it’s robust, diverse, and teeming with opportunity.

Just look at how many Florida metros make the list for top growth in the nation from official US Census data.

Data comparison of the fastest-growing u.s. metro areas from july 1, 2021, to july 1, 2022, showcasing both percentage increases and numeric increases in population.
Data comparison of the fastest-growing u.s. metro areas from july 1, 2021, to july 1, 2022, showcasing both percentage increases and numeric increases in population.

Let’s dive into why finding your niche in Florida’s job market could be your next great move.

  • Statewide Employment Excellence: Florida’s job market is really good right now with an unemployment rate hovering at comfortable 3.1%. From the tech hubs of Tampa to the healthcare headquarters in Miami, the state’s job scene is as inviting as its famed beaches.
  • Private Sector Powerhouse: Across the state, the private sector is making waves, with metro areas like Miami and Tampa adding thousands of jobs and showcasing growth rates that outshine national averages. We know businesses want to invest here because of the reasonable corporate taxes. We have a booming hospitality and healthcare scene, of course, but also aerospace, finance, and tech are thriving here, creating a dynamic job market.
  • Startup Ecosystem Surge: Silicon Valley isn’t all San Francisco and Austin. Florida’s startup scene is making waves. Across the state, from the vibrant streets of Miami’s Wynwood to the tech corridors of Orlando, startups in IT, security, health tech, and more are flourishing.

Let’s glance at the diversity in job opportunities across various sectors with this straightforward table:

IndustryFlorida’s Job Hotspots
Leisure & HospitalityDisney World, Universal Studios, countless resorts
HealthcareMiami’s healthcare systems, Tampa’s medical research hubs
Air TransportationMiami International, Tampa International
RetailPublix headquarters, luxury retail in Miami and Orlando
EducationUniversity of Florida, Florida State University, UCF

Florida’s job market is diverse and full of possibility; whether you’re looking to make waves in your industry or start afresh in a new field, Florida’s economy offers a promising horizon.

Reason 4: Florida’s Location is Underrated

Before we moved to Florida, all we thought about was what Florida had to offer.

We knew we would be getting warm beaches and tons of amenities, but what we didn’t think about was all the benefits of Florida as a location.

Florida road trips

Florida is close to many wonderful places. For example, you are only a few hours to a half day drive to Georgia, which is home to great cities like Atlanta and Savannah.

Georgia also has the southern entrance to the Appalachian Mountains (Smoke Mountains).

Don’t like Georgia? Well, drive the Florida panhandle, stopping at wonderful beaches like Destin along the way, and finally arriving in the amazing city of New Orleans (my birthplace).

Cobblestone streets, 300-year-old Garden District homes, hurricanes (the drink), and more hospitality than you could imagine, all await you within a day’s drive.

In addition, if you live in a great Florida city, you are just a short drive to the next Florida city.

We love to drive to the coast from Orlando and shop or play at the beach.

Florida Cruises

Before we moved here, going on a cruise was fun, but a pain!!! We’d leave our home early in the morning, pack up the car, drive to the airport, board the plane, land, rent a car, pack luggage back up, drive a few hours to the port, park the car, and load ship.

Now, we pack our car, drive for an hour to the port, and set sail. We hadn’t considered it before moving here, but having access to cruises just a drive away is an incredible benefit.

A cruise ship in the water.
A cruise ship in the water.

Not only that, but we can take advantage of last minute cruise deals which are always comically cheap if you are patient and leave on a moments notice.

We’ve paid for all-inclusive cruises around the Caribbean for under $400.

Yeah, Florida is just awesome, right?

And we haven’t even mentioned the access to the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico, or the British Isles! Road trips to the coasts of North and South Carolina are also totally underrated.

There’s just so much to explore and enjoy!

Rason 5: You can be safe from hurricanes (seriously)

Okay, we know that you’ve heard that Florida gets its share of hurricanes, especially recently. And, you’d be correct.

Hurricanes often begin in the deep Atlantic and Florida’s peninsula is an easy first target.

With that being said, choosing where you live in Florida is EVERYTHING.

Here’s the thing – while the Sunshine State does see its fair share of hurricanes, not all areas are equally impacted.

In fact, some spots are historically safer than others, especially when it comes to large hurricanes with strong winds and flooding potential.

Central Florida, especially around Orlando, is your hurricane-safe haven. Thanks to its inland location, hurricanes tend to lose steam before they ever make it to Central Florida.

In fact, Orlando hasn’t had a hurricane hit in over 100 years. That’s why we chose Orlando to call home.

There are other safe locations as well. For those looking for a mix of safety and coastal vibes, Tampa, Melbourne, and Jacksonville strike a perfect balance.

These cities have faced minimal hurricane impacts, making them great choices for coastal living without the constant hurricane headache.

It should be noted that all three areas have had some close calls (non-direct hits) and significant damage reported, Tampa (Hurricane Ian), Jacksonville (Hurricane Matthew), Melbourne (Hurricane Charley)—however these cities have avoided large hurricanes historically.

Before you make any assumptions about the excessive danger of hurricanes in Florida, it is important to recognize that many of Florida’s captivating and charming cities have rarely experienced the wrath of hurricanes.

In fact, some of these cities have gone for decades without even a minor incident.

Reason 6: Tons of People Are Moving Here

Moving to Florida is about being part of something bigger, a wave of growth and opportunity sweeping across the Sunshine State.

There are a ton of people moving here each month. And that means—you won’t be alone. Nearly 37,000 people move to Florida each month.

Whether you’re considering dipping your toes into the Florida lifestyle post-retirement or diving headfirst into the booming job market, you’re joining a crowd of people making Florida their home.

Let’s unwrap why finding your tribe in Florida might just be your best decision yet.

  • Population Boom: Florida is home to four of the nation’s top five fastest-growing metro areas, including Wildwood-The Villages, Lakeland-Winter Haven, Ocala, and Port St. Lucie. It consistently ranks in the top 3 for most migrated to state.
  • A Magnet for Movers and Shakers:Florida’s metros, Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, and Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, are growing in population. The reasons can be opportunity, coastal living, or Disney magic. This is making Florida a popular place for entrepreneurs, professionals, and families seeking the Florida dream.

Here’s a glance at what’s fueling the population surge across Florida:

Florida’s Fastest-Growing MetrosPopulation Growth
Wildwood-The VillagesNearly 5%
Lakeland-Winter HavenNearly 4%
OcalaMore than 3%
Port St. LucieMore than 3%
Top 4 Metro Areas of Growth in Florida
  • The Southern Charm: Florida and the entire South are experiencing population growth due to economic opportunities, quality of life, and the warm climate. People are leaving behind high taxes and winter and trading them for southern charm and hospitality.

So, for anyone considering joining the Florida fray, know this: you’re not just moving to a state; you’re becoming part of a rapidly expanding community that’s shaping the future of the Sunshine State.


Moving to Florida could be the best decision you ever make. From the endless days of sunshine to the serious cash savings, booming employment opportunities, strategic location perks, and even ways to stay safe from hurricanes, it’s clear that Florida has a lot to offer.

Shirley and I have walked the walk, moving from the cold clutches of Chicago to the sunny embrace of Florida, and we’ve never looked back. We’ve witnessed firsthand the transformation in our lives – financially, professionally, and in terms of lifestyle. Florida isn’t just a place we live; it’s where we thrive.

It’s been quite a journey, from discovering the financial benefits that have our bank accounts sighing in relief, to jumping headfirst into the vibrant job market that’s as diverse as it is thriving. And let’s not forget the underrated bonus of being so close to a plethora of vacation destinations, making every weekend an opportunity for a new adventure.