A colorful beach sign reads "beach" next to a sandy shore with people enjoying a sunny day in florida's peak season.

Nowhere beats the stunning beaches and loads of attractions that Florida has to offer.

Heck, that’s why we moved here—we wanted to have access year round.

But, Florida’s peak season can be tricky to time.

Choosing the right time to visit or move is really important and can make or break your experience.

This guide dives into when to visit or move to Florida based on weather, crowds, and travel deals.

What is the best weather season in Florida?

The short answer:

March and April are the best months to visit Florida based on comfort, clear skies, and low humidity.

The long answer:

Everyone’s definition of the best weather can be different.

So, for the sake of this article, we will classify “best” by comfortable temperatures, low humidity, and clear skies.

To do our research, we will look at various data points from three distinct regions in Florida: Orlando (Central), Miami (South), and Jacksonville (North).

Then, we will consider various factors from WeatherSpark.com data such as rainy days, clear days, humidity, temperature, and comfort.

The best timing for the most comfortable weather in Florida with clear days seems to be in the spring months, specifically around March and April, extending into early May for some areas.

Below is a summary based on Central, Southern, and Northern Florida variations.

Orlando (Central Florida):

  • Clearer Skies: High percentages of clear skies are observed in March and April.
  • Temperature: Comfortable temperatures with highs in the 70s to low 80s (°F) and lows in the 50s to 60s (°F).
  • Humidity and Comfort: Lower humidity levels compared to summer months, leading to more comfortable conditions.

Miami (South Florida):

  • Clearer Skies: High percentages of clear skies in March and April, though slightly lower than Orlando.
  • Temperature: Warmer than Orlando but still comfortable, with temperatures gradually increasing from the 70s to mid-80s (°F).
  • Humidity and Comfort: Higher humidity than Orlando but still manageable, with muggy days increasing as the season progresses.

Jacksonville (North Florida):

  • Clearer Skies: Similar to Orlando, with high percentages of clear skies in March and April.
  • Temperature: Cooler on average than Orlando and Miami, with comfortable temperatures in the 70s (°F).
  • Humidity and Comfort: Less humidity and muggy conditions compared to the other cities, contributing to a more comfortable climate.

The big picture

Florida does have a rainy season and also a really hot season that takes getting used to. And so, it’s important to time your visit.

March and April are the best months for enjoying clear skies and comfortable weather in Florida.

This period offers a balance between warmer temperatures and lower chances of rain, with reduced humidity levels contributing to overall comfort.

Best Times to Visit Florida for Smaller Crowds

Okay, we can’t lie, Florida gets really busy.

If you’ve ever waited in line for a Disney ride at Magic Kingdom in the middle of summer, you know exactly what we’re referring to.

And that’s not a surprise because Florida is the most visited state in the US and the most migrated to state in the US.

The bar chart below shows the percentage of adults who have traveled to all 50 states and Florida is by far the most visited.

Bar chart showing the percentage of adults in the united states who have visited various states as of september 2022, with florida being the most visited at 61%.
Statista chart showing the percentage of adults in the United States who have visited various states as of September 2022, with Florida being the most visited at 61%.

But, it’s not always crazy busy in Florida—we do have high season and low seasons.

Florida’s tourist influx varies significantly throughout the year.

Here’s how you can enjoy the state with fewer people around.

Avoiding Peak Seasons

Look, it’s no secret in Florida that peak seasons coincide with school breaks for kiddos.

So, summer, spring break, and winter break are mayhem times in Florida for high traffic traveling.

  • South Florida: Summer months bring high temperatures and a drop in tourists.

Best time to visit a Florida beach?

Considering the provided ocean temperatures from NOAA, weather trends, and aiming for minimal rain, let’s consider when the best time to visit a beach in the sunshine state is.

Absolute best time to visit a Florida beach?

  • Early Fall (September to October): Ocean temperatures remain warm (into the low to mid-80s °F in southern locations and high 70s °F in northern spots), while the likelihood of rain decreases compared to the peak summer months.
  • September and October can provide comfortable beach weather, with reduced humidity and clearer skies, especially as September moves away from Labor Day.

We love this time of the year and we think it’s the perfect blend of warm ocean water, lower crowds, beautiful sunshine, and warm sand.

Shirley and I at Vero Beach

Pro tip: If you are seeking to avoid large crowds, we highly recommend visiting beaches on the Atlantic side, situated south of Jacksonville and north of Port St. Lucie. However, it’s important to avoid Cocoa Beach, as it tends to attract significant numbers of visitors due to its direct accessibility from Orlando. If you are looking for a less crowded option, Satellite Beach and Vero Beach are excellent choices based on our personal experience.

A map highlighting a section of the east coast of florida, including the cities of st. augustine, daytona beach, and surrounding areas.
A map highlighting a section of the east coast of Florida, including the cities of St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, and surrounding areas.

Runner Up

Late Spring to Early Summer (May to June): Ocean temperatures are warm enough for swimming across various locations, with temperatures ranging from the high 70s to low 80s °F in most areas. This period precedes the peak of the rainy season and the hottest summer months, offering a good balance of warm weather with less chance of rain.

The reason we say this time is a runner-up is that you start to run into the summer vacation season as some school districts around the country release early.

Furthermore, the ocean is beginning to heat up, although it is not yet as warm as it will be towards the end of summer.

When is the best time to visit Disney World?

We LOVE going to Disney.

And while it’s not the reason we moved to Orlando, it’s not, not one of the reasons…

We love being able to shut work down on a random Tuesday evening and head over to any park of our choosing, have dinner, walk around, and enjoy the sights of people having fun.

A couple posing in front of an ornate, tropical-themed water feature on a sunny day.
Shirley and I at Disney World!!

According to Plan Disney, the best times to visit for low volume are as follows:

Time of YearDescription
Mid-January to Mid-FebruaryAfter holiday crowds dissipate
Last few days of February & 1st week of MarchBefore spring break
Last week of AprilAfter spring break
Weekdays in the first half of MayBefore summer vacation starts
Second half of AugustEnd of summer vacation, before school starts
SeptemberAfter Labor Day, before fall festivities
OctoberGenerally good, avoid Columbus Day
Weekdays in NovemberAvoid Thanksgiving week
Weekdays in the first half of DecemberBefore holiday crowds for Christmas and New Year’s
Best Time to Visit Disney

The best times to visit Disney with fewer crowds are also when kids are in school, because Disney is every kid’s favorite playground.

If you REALLY want to optimize peak season for Disney, we would suggest you travel the last week of April.

Why the last week of April for Disney?

Well, the weather is warm, lower humidity than the summer, lower chance of rain than the monsoon season in the summer, and kids are universally in school and summer break hasn’t started anywhere in America.

But don’t tell too many people…

Seasonal Travel Deals

Nothing is better than traveling for less. And, there are certainly deals to be had.

And where most people are going to want to save money is on air travel and lodging.

Best Time for Air Travel Deals in Florida

Based on insights from a recent publication from Reader’s Digest research, the optimal strategy for purchasing airline tickets to Florida involves several key considerations:

  • Purchase on a Sunday: The study found that booking flights on a Sunday can result in up to 6% cheaper tickets. Nice!!!
  • Book in Advance: Airfare to Florida can be expensive and popular, so 42 days out seems to be the sweet spot in booking. You may not want to chance it that close if traveling during the busy seasons.
  • Travel on Tuesday or Wednesday: For the most affordable options, flying out on a Tuesday or Wednesday is typically the cheapest.
  • Consider Off-Peak Months: January and February are generally the cheapest months for domestic flights due to lower travel demand post-holidays. Though, snowbird traffic can increase ticket prices.
  • Opt for Early Morning Flights: Early flights tend to be less expensive than midday flights. Yah, it’s not easy with kids, but you’ll save a few bucks.

What are the busiest airlines?

Based on data from Orlandoairports.net for enplaned and deplaned passengers, the five busiest airlines at Orlando International AirportFl are Southwest Airlines Co., Spirit Airlines, American Airlines Inc, JetBlue Airways Corp., and Frontier Airlines.

These airlines led in passenger volume, highlighting their significant roles in facilitating air travel to and from the state.

Here’s a small table illustrating the total passenger numbers for these airlines:

AirlineTotal Passengers
Southwest Airlines Co10,543,255
Spirit Airlines8,751,615
American Airlines Inc6,027,314
JetBlue Airways Corp.5,162,238

Best Time for Hotel Deals in Florida

So, different places in the US have times when prices are high and low, but holidays can throw things off.

According to Kayak, November is a good time to book for cheaper prices (up to 10% less).

In addition, mid-January through March can also be less expensive when booked outside of holiday weekends.

On the other hand, December tends to be very expensive, followed by late summer months, and holiday weekends, and spring break.

For example, it’s currently spring time and the booking prices for early summer are quite low.

However, there are some nuances to booking in Florida. As you can see below, as we move into the end of summer, the prices begin to increase.

A calendar view for july and august 2024 displaying hotel price trends: green for cheaper, yellow for average, and red for higher prices.
A calendar view for Florida hotel prices in July and August 2024


Florida is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. With a bit of planning and insight into the best times to visit, you can ensure your trip is as enjoyable as possible.

We love being here all year, but we also know that our friends and family want to maximize their visits and time their stay for peak weather.

Whether you’re soaking up the sun on a quiet beach, exploring the vibrant streets of Miami, or laughing your way through a theme park, Florida promises unforgettable memories at any time of the year.